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Thermoplastic Road Marking Tape / Yellow (Case)


HiFlex preformed thermoplastic tapes markings are fast and convenient to install with excellent adhesion, durability, flow and colour stability and is perfect for a huge range of applications, from small scale road marking schemes, car park markings and and public recreational areas.

HiFlex preformed thermoplastic markings comprise of high quality synthetic resins, plasticiser, performance polymers, lead/heavy metal free pigments, aggregates, fillers and glass beads (optional).

  • Width/Case Size - 50mm x 12, 75mm x 8, 100mm x 8, 150mm x 4
  • Length 5m

Typical Uses

  • Reinstatement of markings following utility works
  • Fast and simple installation of new letters / numbers / symbols
  • Small scale lining work such as car parks
  • School playground educational markings
  • Company logos
  • Safe route to school (walking bus) routes