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PumaGrip MMA Patch Repair Kit

PumaGrip MMA is an easy to use repair kit on high friction surfaces after utility works.   PumaGrip comprises of a two-component, polyurethane modified MMA binder and 100% road grade calcined bauxite OR granite aggregate.  The colour of the aggregate dictates the overall colour of the finished surface.  PumaGrip MMA Patch repair kit is available in natural buff or dark (grey) calcined bauxites, OR green and red options are colour coated granite aggregates. PumaGrip binder is an off-white / light buff colour. An easy to install patch kit with a one hour drive on time, PumaGrip MMA is: -  
  • Made using PumaGrip High Friction Surfacing
  • Provides up to 2mof coverage
  • Designed for the repair of high friction surfaces
  • Also great for ramps, entrances and walkways
  • Supplied as a complete all in one solution
  • No specialist equipment required
  • Cold applied resin based system
  • Proven MMA durability
  • Fast curing time
The management system of Hitex Traffic Safety has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.