About Us


Manufacturing Innovative Products For Safer Roads
Established in 2004, Hitex Traffic Safety, part of Hitex International Group, is an independent market leader in the manufacture and supply of road markings, road repairs and treatments, high friction and coloured surfacing and decorative materials.

The Hitex Traffic Safety team understands the key role of its road marking products in creating safe and efficient transport infrastructures across the globe.  We undertake ongoing research and development programmes that deliver innovative road surfacing, road marking and road repair solutions that offer a wealth of efficiencies through enhanced performance and sustainability. Hitex Traffic Safety also provides road marking products for global contractors to use in a diverse range of climates, terrains and road networks.

The Hitex Traffic Safety facility, co-located with our contracting services in Cheshire, has steadily expanded to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of road marking and surfacing solutions.  At the facility our specialist Research & Development team continue to improve the performance and sustainability of our products as well as engineering solutions for the differing needs of our global customer base.  We utilise the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing processes to achieve excellence in our finished products whilst we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and comprehensive technical support.

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.